Why Swoon in June?

Happy June! In one month, the debut novel train begins its steady roll out of the station. July 1st will have a few victories attached to it:

  1. The pre-order for the Dual Nature ebook will be live! I’ve never done a pre-order before (let’s be perfectly frank, I’ve clearly never done ANY of this publishing business before) so I don’t know exactly what to expect, but it seems straight forward enough. The ebook will be uploaded to Amazon. You, the precious reader, can purchase the ebook via a handy-dandy link. Then, on August 5th when the book is released, you will be given your ebook copy. Did I get that right? I’ll have to ask my lovely friend Erica Drayton for more details. She’s basically been my fabulous selfpub sherpa for the last few months.
  2. My two year stream anniversary! Oh man oh man! I only have a month to come up with something great to do for that celebration! Maybe an all day stream mixed with writing, games, Twitch Sings, etc. Maybe baking cupcakes? The catch is my parents will be in town that week–both parents this time! But they would insist I stream as long as I want and stream whatever I want. They’re good like that. I better start planning!

Still, things are moving right along with Dual Nature despite recent events. I’ve been semi out of commission mentally the last week and change between MomoCon (absolutely no writing was done and that’s completely okay) and then what I fondly refer to as “Black Tuesday”. I was in complete control of my eating during the convention and even at our Twitch Streamer after party at my house on Sunday (I got to meet @theluda_p and @dfrnttimes in person and it was incredible!) but for multiple reasons, I ate waaay too much sugar on Memorial Day proper at our friends’ gaming gathering. I left Monday night with an upset stomach, woke up Tuesday with an upset stomach and splitting headache, and spent all of this week on a sugar-induced emotional roller coaster.

What can I say? I’m not lying when I tell you I’m a sugar addict. It’s real and it’s terrifying. (If I’ve ever asked you to give me sugary anything, that’s the demon talking. Do. Not. Listen.)

I’m still fighting to get my head back on straight and focus up. I’m back at the gym and working hard. I’m back to eating plenty of protein and good fats. I think with enough coaxing and shame from my brother and myself, I should be back on track. Yes, shame can be a healthy thing. I should and do feel bad when laziness and pure want of instant gratification bypass my desire to be happy and healthy. Shame shame shame!

Now after accepting that my printer is conspiring against me, I’m doing digital edits of Dual Nature rather than paper and pencil–which is too bad because it was really quite therapeutic. I’m taking breaks with other story ideas so as not to burn out and to have work to do on the stream. I’m feeling pretty good all around!

June should be a full, exciting month just like May! And July? Oh man. We’ve got more in store for July. Another Camp NaNo, Play On Con, the lead up to the actual book release. Buckle down, folks!

I hope your June is productive with many teachable moments and happiness! Happy writing!