Give Your Kindle Its Newest Summer Fling!

Midway through July and it is trying to overtake me! But I always feel this way during NaNoWriMo months. I’ll talk about how July’s Camp NaNo went next month along with all of the other excitement that August will bring!

For now, I want to remind you all that the preorder for Dual Nature, my debut novel, is LIVE! My first book is finally waiting in the wings, all primped and primed for its big starring moment! Now this might be a starring role in community theater, but weren’t you excited for your big moment in your field of choice even if it started off in nowheresville?

That’s where we are. And I can’t wait to finally hear feedback from readers at large.

This month ONLY you can get a specially priced copy of the ebook for only $0.99! For less than a meal off of the Value Menu, you can own a 300+ page book! I suppose you could read it while you eat your Value Menu meal. Or read it at your next summer barbecue or poolside. Wherever you want, it goes where your e-reader goes and you’re greatly supporting a brand new author in the industry! A dollar may not seem like much, but I promise you it’s huge for me!

And once you’re done reading Dual Nature and you’re chomping at the bit for another fantasy and/or sci fi adventure, I will share some info with you about where to snag a whole heck of a lot of FREE EBOOKS! Oh August has so much excitement!

More on that later though. Until then, I have a to do list as long as my TBR list and these things must get done. Catch you next time!

Remember to celebrate your victories, big and small, and keep writing!