New Holiday Event–Are You in the Spirit?

Another year come and gone, but I can promise you this one was well lived. I’ve been through the wringer in 2019, and it was my own fault in many ways. However, as my life begins to fall back into place, I’m incredibly grateful for all of the highlights that lifted me out of dark corners.

Patreon and Twitch have been especially gracious to me this year while being my key sources of income. I’ve been unsupported by any full time employment directly since January 2019. An entire year I’ve received what help my parents could provide (not to mention a roof over my head thanks to their love). I’ve received support from the incredibly generous souls who tune in daily to the Virtual Write In and/or pledge on Patreon. Every which way I turned, someone was willing to lend a hand even if I was too scared or embarrassed to ask for the help. Twitch and Patreon didn’t make a ton, but I can’t begin to explain how proud of myself I was to have earned that trust from people across the internet.

It was viewers on Twitch who gave me insight on how to self-publish, and then suddenly I had an editor, a friend for formatting, beta readers, and more! By August 5th, my birthday, I became a published author–a dream come true! It was Patreon backers that gathered behind me and allowed me to say for the first time in my life, “I paid my car insurance bill with my writing!” They essentially funded Dual Nature’s creation and continue to allow me to get high quality care for future books. Some have even reached out privately to check in on me. God, I’m lucky as heck.

For these and so many other gracious acts, I want to say thank you, and I want to give back.

Merry Fic-Mas!

You do not need a Twitch account to participate, but I so hope you will create one! In December I will be writing stories for those who go above and beyond to support the stream and my writing. Subscribers will get a different type of story depending on their Tier. Tippers can also nab stories by tipping to the link on my Twitch channel or going straight to And on December 21st, our last day before I leave for Winter Break, anyone who subscribed or tipped a certain amount will have their name put in a Fic-Mas stocking for a stocking stuffer of an autographed copy of Dual Nature! It is most assuredly NOT a **giveaway as everyone has such an opportunity to purchase a copy of Dual Nature and even to request an autograph.

Join me in December at The Virtual Write In for NaNo wind down, holiday fun, and ringing in a bright new year! And thank you for making 2019 a year I’ll never forget! A year with highs to best the lows. Check out the details of Fic-Mas below and plan your prompt!

**Thank you, state of Georgia, for not suing me during this lovely holiday season. And thank you, sweet viewers for not being narcs when I’m trying to do something kind. I appreciate you!