Brenna R. Singman is a fiction author and online writing coach. She was born and raised in NJ becoming the suburban princess to her family’s urban New York lineage. She had been writing fiction since childhood, updating novels and short stories piece by piece on fictionpress.com since she was 13. However, she never dreamed of pursuing writing as a career except a few fleeting moments in college. She never let herself believe how important those thrilling moments were as she created worlds, characters, and conflicts in her head.

In 2013, she graduated from Kean University in Union, NJ with a B.A. in theatre with teaching certification, and she transplanted herself to Atlanta, GA in pursuit of a life of teaching theatre (and enjoying warmer weather!). She learned quickly that neither classroom teaching nor theatre was her truest passion, and she took on a few menial jobs that “paid the bills”. Her writing continued to fall by the wayside, only propped by events like NaNoWriMo.

It wasn’t until early 2017 at 26 years old that she was inspired by other struggling artists who didn’t let excuses stand in their way and even live streamed their creative process! She couldn’t deny her passion for writing any longer. Brenna began live streaming her writing on July 1, 2017 and slowly built the Virtual Write In. She writes every weekday, making herself available for conversation and encouragement, but NEVER for self-deprecation nor excuses.

Now, apart from novels, Brenna writes collections of flash fiction pieces and short stories of various genres on fictionpress and hosts her daily writing group on twitch.tv where she gets to do what she loves most among fellow authors on a similar journey. When she’s not writing, Brenna is likely baking, playing board games, or taking long walks with her brother while contemplating the vicissitudes of life.