Principles of Magic series

Magic is all around us, hiding in plain sight. Your neighbor, your teacher, even your councilman could be a Magistrate–mage for short. Maybe you’ve witnessed some unusual abilities in yourself lately like wishes coming true. In a world like ours that is rocked by chaos and ruled by fear and aggression, mages take their stand in an uphill battle to return the world(s) to the natural state of peace.

Dual Nature (Released August 5th, 2019)

Kitty Guthrie is a youngster with a lot to prove–don’t we all? Even with babysitting, volunteering, and homework, she’s also planning her junior high school’s first Homecoming Dance. And on top of that? She’s learning magic! But when a spell goes haywire, Kitty needs quick help from cocky Mage Will Cavanaugh before anyone learns about her mistake! With all of these balls to juggle, one is sure to drop, and someone will have to face the music.


Force of Will (Releasing 2020)

Teaser cover

A group of magic users unaffiliated with the Alliance take Mage Will Cavanaugh under their wing to help him fix a dangerous magical mishap, but having magic doesn’t make a person perfectly trustworthy.

Being written for National Novel Writing Month 2019

Principles of Magic #3 (Releasing 2020)

Teaser cover

The Untitled series

Words are incredibly important, and once spoken aloud, they can’t be taken back. All Robyn wanted was to say those three most important words to her best friend and finally stop feeling like a ghost in her own life. Before she can, otherworldly forces take hold of her destiny and turn her every word into the most important one for her and an entire universe.

[Book 1 Coming soon]